Villa as holiday homes

Villa as holiday homes

This stylish and luxurious house was designed and constructed by its first owner, a distinguished international landscaper and interior designer. He built the house to resemble an old luxury resort in Tuscany, whilst providing all the modern amenities for extra comfort. Much attention has been given towards the interior to give it an elegant touch, while maintaining the feel of a family home. This Villa in Tuscany is for rent, furnished to the highest standards will appeal to the most discerning. Inside the colors are mute and peaceful and the rooms are beautifully decorated with quality fabrics and antiques. The house features a huge living room with a large fireplace. This charming Villa in Tuscany also features a state of the art kitchen. Even with its modern touches the soul of our elegant villa remains that of a comfortable home, with personal touches in evidence throughout, making it a wonderful venue from which to explore Tuscany and Umbria. The Villa is completely private, on top of a hill within 50 acres of oak woodland, pastures and olive groves, with expansive views of the Sienese countryside. Casanuova Villa in Tuscany makes the most of its expansive views with wrap around terraces, creating intimate areas for dining or just relaxing. The Villa, also features a heated pool, making it possible to enjoy the water in spring and autumn.


Our home for the week is a renovated organic farm complete with swimming pool and acres of colourful meadows, vineyards, a vegetable garden and woodland to explore. Each day we’ll walk through rich forests, pass crystal-clear lakes, explore timeless villages and hike through hidden valleys before hiking up dramatic peaks in the Alpi Apuane. During the week there’ll be time to visit the exquisite walled gem of Lucca with its towering walls, elegant piazzas and magnificence cathedral. This excellent walking holiday combines fantastic food, wonderful accommodation and excellent day walks to show you the very best of Italy’s Wild Tuscany. A holiday highlight is our traditional accommodation nestled in the heart of the Tuscan hills. This organic farm is a little piece of Italian heaven with over 100 olive trees plus colourful orchards of apple, apricot, pear and quince. Lying abandoned for over 30 years, the farm has been lovingly restored by your hosts and is now brimming with colour.


The surrounding meadows and gardens are home to ducks, hens, goats, sheep and cats, plus fireflies, squirrels, deer and badgers. Hidden in the garden is a refreshing pool cleaned with a unique salt water system. Each relaxing bedroom room is decorated in calming Tuscan colours whilst living rooms have chestnut beams, terracotta tiles, board games, books and an honesty bar for a drink in the evening. Each delicious dinner includes fresh ingredients from the farm gardens and is very much a social affair. Picnic lunches are taken along the trail and are made up of tasty treats. Looking for a two week holiday? Fancy the ultimate Italian walking and food experience? For a complete centre-based Italian experience, why not combine our Wild Tuscany with our one week Footpaths and Flavours of Liguria.

Country Vacation Rentals In Tuscany

Country Vacation Rentals In Tuscany

If you wish to spend your holidays in Tuscany, then better to plan all the things needed. One of the factors you need to consider is the place where you will stay. This plays an important role as your chosen place will take care of you after your whole day trip and on your belongings while you are out. Choosing the right Tuscany Holiday Rentals comes in different aspects but all of them will surely give you benefits. If you want good accommodations for a lower price, one great but less common option is short term furnished apartment rental. You’ll get all the benefits of a real home and you’ll save money! These apartments are located in ordinary residential neighborhoods, and are often very close to public transportation.


That allows you to see Rome without having to deal with the crowds in the tourist areas to get back home. You’ll have a safe, comfortable home to come back to after the day’s activities are over. Families traveling together will be able to enjoy a little more peace and quiet than they would in a hotel, and there’s enough space in an apartment to keep family members out of one another’s hair.Everyone likes to relax and that too in a place blessed with sunshine, great outdoor spaces like gardens and terraces and not to miss out the beautiful landscapes around.  The popular belief that booking oneself is the best choice is not right. It’s an agency which guarantees complete professionalism and controls certain aspects connected to renting villas that is likely to confuse travellers, even if that means an extra cost needs to be borne.  The best possible deal can also be endured by an agency.


When it comes to discounts and offers, the agency people make the best decisions in benefiting travellers.  Some of the most intriguing parts of Tuscany cannot be accessed by public transport. So that one doesn’t miss out on the beauty of Tuscany, renting a car is an appropriate choice.  The culture of a place is not merely present in architecture and regional beauty, but largely on the people. Interacting with them means one gets to know a lot about the place. So opting for a villa rental will help in socializing with the natives and even gathering knowledge about the regions and its knick knacks. Just by booking Tuscany villas rentals, one can have access to a dream destination in Italy and get refreshed before heading to the daily routines of life. If you are looking out for Tuscany Villas during your vacationing in Italy, we offer you help by giving information on the best Villas in Tuscany that will make your stay worthwhile.


Holiday Lodgings: Trip Rentals Vs. Resorts

Holiday Lodgings

Delight in fresh air and sunlight, solitude. Get away from the noise and speed of the city and experience “the slower rate of life in the nation.” It’s a much-used phrase which contains a lot of fact. If your task or way of life requires going through your days at breakneck speed, taking the time to slow down and just “be” for a few days can do marvels for your mental and physical health.

Any vacation starts with a best vacation leasing in Hilton Head, and that’s exactly what Destination Getaway is all about. Their beach house leasings are made to fulfill visitors comfort and complete satisfaction. Hilton Head Island itself is currently a paradise: it is the best play ground for a range of water sports and boats can be chartered for sightseeing. You and your unique someone can delight in supper cruises, fishing expeditions, parasailing or dolphin watching. The kids can enjoy crabbing, fishing and checking out the shallow marshlands. Hilton Head is really undoubtedly among the world’s most family-friendly holiday rental locations. Destination Holiday will make your stay in Hilton Head much more much better.


With countless travelers reoccuring, it is tough to imagine how Hilton Head can accommodate them all. Well, the location might be situated near an ocean but that didn’t stop designers from developing wonderful rent in tuscany. This and some other incredible things made it a resort hotspot.


You can discover holiday in tuscany through the Web. It is the most convenient method to learn about them. Many websites are readily available, who let you find and search out these offers. There are some online travel agents who do it for you. Look for these vacations in the Internet and you will be flooded with such deals.


The holiday rental on Sanibel Island invites and enables for family events in a home like setting. Where does the household “hang out” together at a hotel or inn?

The ethical of the story is don’t make the exact same mistake on your site. Include your complete contact details, make it blindingly apparent where they lie, and above all make it easy for individuals to call you.

Vacation homes on Sanibel are mandated by the town to be 28 day rentals. That produces less competition than weekly rental apartments, especially in off season. If you are planning a month’s stay on Sanibel as you well might discover the best rates on private houses for lease, explore your options.