She and Eric met after they had finished graduate school, and began an odyssey that took them to the wine country of Argentina, Napa, and finally to Chianti, producing two wonderful boys along the way, and convincing them both that their place is in the rural Tuscan hills.
Eric still plays amateur soccer in a nearby village, and Valeria hunts wild boar and fowl in the rolling estates near their home.

They both tend their olives, press their own oil, and make wine.

They also share a fluency in English, Spanish, Italian, and French, making relations with the international community that much more fun.

Having realized not only the draw, but also the pitfalls foreigners often face when trying to establish a base in Tuscany, Valeria and Eric have pooled their talents to smooth the way for visitors and those interested in owning property in Tuscany, explaining the vagaries of local laws and regulations, acting as translators and interlocutors, and helping them experience Tuscany as a Tuscan would.

Several years ago, seeing that the demand for a responsive full service property management company was indeed there, Tuscany Property Management was born to provide 360 degree coverage for property owners in Tuscany.

Quickly they realized that many of these owners also wanted to rent their properties when they were not using them leading to the birth of Rent in Tuscany.

Finally, as they were being inundated with requests to find suitable properties to buy, and to help people negotiate the purchasing process, Tuscany Real Estate was created to provide a reliable database of available properties and a current assessment of market conditions.